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Glaschu (pronounced Glas-a-hoo) is the Scottish Gaelic for Glasgow, meaning ‘dear green place’.

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Modern Scottish fine-dining and a sophisticated new bar in the heart of Glasgow.

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7 Days / 12pm – 11pm


Business traveller restaurant glasgow

Business traveller restaurant glasgow

Business Traveller Restaurants: Top Dining Spots for Busy Professionals

Business travel can be both adventurous and tiresome, with a hectic schedule often leaving little time for leisurely meals. However, dining experiences can make a lasting impression on any trip, turning routine business travel into a more enjoyable experience. An increasing number of restaurants cater to the discriminating palates of business travellers, providing excellent food options and an ambiance of privacy and professionalism.

High-quality restaurants, such as those offering destination dining, can elevate any business trip to memorable culinary experiences. These establishments not only provide exceptional cuisine but also cater to business clientele, offering meeting spaces, Wi-Fi, and efficient service. Destination Dining – Business Traveller features renowned upscale eateries suited for those seeking both taste and class during their travels.

Innovative and well-executed dishes can leave a lasting impression, significantly enhancing the overall experience for a road-weary business traveller. By making the effort to seek out exceptional dining options, one can turn a demanding work trip into a genuinely enjoyable and memorable journey.

Global Recommendations


In Europe, business travelers can find a variety of high-quality restaurants that cater to their needs. In London, check out Dinner by Heston Blumenthal for a modern twist on British cuisine. If you find yourself in Paris, don’t miss Le Comptoir du Relais, a popular bistro with a fantastic wine list.

  • LondonDinner by Heston Blumenthal
  • ParisLe Comptoir du Relais


In Asia, the culinary scene offers many options for business travelers. In TokyoSushi Saito is a must-visit for sushi lovers. And while in Singapore, head to Candlenut for mouthwatering Peranakan cuisine.

  • TokyoSushi Saito
  • SingaporeCandlenut

North America

North American cities also provide excellent dining options. In New YorkLe Bernardin is an exceptional seafood choice. For those visiting San FranciscoAtelier Crenn offers an unforgettable fine-dining experience by Chef Dominique Crenn.

  • New YorkLe Bernardin
  • San FranciscoAtelier Crenn

South America

South America has an incredible food scene with a variety of innovative restaurants. Consider Central in Lima, Peru, where chef Virgilio Martínez takes diners on a journey through Peruvian ecosystems. In São Paulo, Brazil, visit D.O.M.for a taste of Amazonian cuisine by renowned chef Alex Atala.

  • LimaCentral
  • São PauloD.O.M.


Dining options in Africa cater to business travelers who are looking for something unique. In Cape Town, South Africa, try the innovative menu at The Test Kitchen. If you are in Marrakech, Morocco, don’t miss the traditional Moroccan feast at Le Foundouk.

  • Cape TownThe Test Kitchen
  • MarrakechLe Foundouk


In Australia, the restaurant options will satisfy any business traveler’s palate. In Sydney, enjoy a modern Australian cuisine at Quay with its stunning harbor views. For a memorable dining experience in Melbourne, check out Attica, where chef Ben Shewry showcases local and indigenous ingredients.

  • SydneyQuay
  • MelbourneAttica

Focus on Glaschu Restaurant

Location & Atmosphere

Glaschu Restaurant resides in the bustling city center of Glasgow. Its prime location makes it a convenient option for business travelers. The restaurant boasts a stylish, modern interior that creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Menu Highlights

The cuisine at Glaschu celebrates Scottish culinary heritage blended with contemporary creativity. Some of the exquisite menu highlights include:

  • Cullen skink: A traditional smoked haddock and leek soup
  • Venison Carpaccio: Served with pickled fennel and pistachio
  • Slow-Cooked Pork Belly: Accompanied by smoked apple puree and crackling
  • Chocolate Mousse Tiara: With honeycomb and raspberries

The restaurant caters to various dietary restrictions, offering veganvegetarian, and gluten-free options, ensuring everyone can savor their dining experience.

Dining Experience

Service at Glaschu is impeccable, as attentive staff ensure every guest feels well taken care of. There is an extensive wine list, featuring selections from both local and international vineyards, which offers perfect pairings to complement each dish. The combination of memorable dishes, delightful atmosphere, and stellar service creates a dining experience that any business traveler would appreciate.

Glasgow’s Food Scene

Glaschu restaurant is not only a shining example of Glasgow’s food scene but also a favorite among business travelers. The city offers no shortage of noteworthy dining establishments that serve diverse cuisine styles from all around the world. But Glaschu’s dedication to preserving local flavors while infusing them with modern twists, distinguishes it from the rest.

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