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Glaschu (pronounced Glas-a-hoo) is the Scottish Gaelic for Glasgow, meaning ‘dear green place’.

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Modern Scottish fine-dining and a sophisticated new bar in the heart of Glasgow.

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Christmas Lunch Glasgow 2023

Christmas Lunch Glasgow 2023

Christmas Lunch Glasgow 2023: Top Restaurant Recommendations

As the festive season approaches, Glasgow is gearing up to serve delightful Christmas lunches to celebrate the joyous occasion. With its vibrant food scene, the city offers an array of options for locals and visitors alike, reflecting the true essence of Scottish hospitality and cuisine. In 2023, Glasgow is set to provide an unforgettable dining experience, featuring traditional dishes as well as contemporary twists to cater to varying palates.

Immersing yourself in Glasgow’s Christmas lunch experience, you’ll discover exquisite venues ranging from cosy pubs and historic establishments to modern eateries and fine dining options. Each location is thoughtfully decorated to capture the festive atmosphere, ensuring a warm and welcoming environment for patrons who wish to share the holiday spirit with friends and family.

Several restaurants and hotels across the city will be offering special festive menus, crafted by their talented chefs with an emphasis on local produce. These menus may include classic dishes such as roast turkey, cranberry sauce, and Christmas pudding, as well as innovative alternatives that showcase the culinary diversity of Glasgow. In 2023, you can expect a memorable Christmas lunch experience in this lively Scottish city.

Why Choose Glaschu Restaurant

Glaschu Restaurant is the ideal choice for a memorable Christmas lunch experience in Glasgow in 2023. Located in the historic Merchant City area, this renowned restaurant offers a combination of exceptional food, welcoming atmosphere, and traditional festive decorations. It caters to friends and family gatherings, making the holiday season even more special.

The menu features a carefully crafted selection of dishes to suit all tastes. The expert chefs at Glaschu Restaurant utilize only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to create delightful culinary masterpieces. Their innovative take on classic recipes provides a unique, delectable experience for everyone at the table.

In addition to the exquisite cuisine, Glaschu Restaurant places a strong emphasis on impeccable service. The professional staff is attentive and knowledgeable, ensuring that each guest has a pleasant and relaxing dining experience. Furthermore, their expertise enables them to cater to various dietary requirements effortlessly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festive feast.

During the holiday season, the lively atmosphere and elegant decor at Glaschu Restaurant truly embody the spirit of Christmas. The Merchant City location provides a distinct, classy ambiance that creates an ideal environment for festive gatherings. By choosing Glaschu Restaurant for your Christmas lunch, you and your loved ones will be immersed in a captivating, unforgettable experience.

To sum up, Glaschu Restaurant stands out as a top choice for Christmas lunch in Glasgow in 2023. With its extraordinary food, attentive service, and enchanting festive atmosphere, all in the heart of Merchant City, it guarantees a memorable celebration with friends and family this holiday season.

Festive Atmosphere at Glaschu

Glaschu, a popular destination in Glasgow, is well-known for its festive atmosphere during the Christmas season and into the New Year. In 2023, the city plans to continue this tradition, ensuring that locals and visitors alike can fully immerse themselves in the joyous celebrations.

Christmas lights and decorations transform the streets into a winter wonderland, creating a visually stunning experience for all who visit. Shop windows display carefully crafted holiday scenes, subtly beckoning passersby to step inside and explore their seasonal offerings.

Various entertainment options abound throughout the city. Carolers roam the streets, filling the air with cheerful melodies and spreading holiday cheer. Christmas markets pop up in several locations, offering an array of unique gifts and delicious food options. Children and adults alike can participate in ice-skating rinks and other seasonal activities, guaranteeing a fun-filled time for all ages.

In addition to the Christmas celebrations, Glaschu doesn’t disappoint when it comes to ringing in the New Year. The city hosts spectacular fireworks displays, drawing crowds from near and far to witness the stunning spectacle. Many venues offer New Year’s Eve parties, where guests can dance the night away, surrounded by a community of joyous revelers.

From the captivating decorations, exciting entertainment options, and warm sense of community, the festive atmosphere at Glaschu during Christmas and New Year celebrations in 2023 is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all who partake in the festivities.

Menu Highlights


Begin your Christmas lunch with a selection of delicious starters. The carrot and ginger soup is a popular choice, perfect for warming up on a chilly day. If you prefer something more indulgent, the chicken liver parfait is a tasty option.

Main Courses

Our Christmas menu offers a variety of main courses to suit all dietary preferences and nutritional requirements. The classic roast turkey is always a festive favorite, accompanied by all the trimmings, not to mention the famous crispy pigs in blankets! For fish lovers there is a pan roasted hake fillet with Shetland mussel, bacon and new potato chowder. Those who prefer something rich should opt for the red wine braised smoked beef cheek with caramelised cauliflower puree, truffled Jerusalem artichoke & black kale. Vegetarians need not miss out, as there is also a delicious squash, lentil and almond pithivier.


No festive meal is complete without indulging in decadent desserts. The sticky toffee pudding is a must-try for those with a sweet tooth, while the refreshing mulled cherry cheesecake offers a lighter option. If you’re a dark chocolate lover, do not miss out on our special dark chocolate dessert.

To complement your Christmas lunch, choose from a range of beverages, including freshly made mulled wine, a selection of whisky, various wine options, and an assortment of beer choices. Soft drinks are also available for those who prefer a non-alcoholic option.

Awards and Recommendations

Glasgow is known for its vibrant culinary scene, and the city’s Christmas lunches are no exception. In recent years, Glasgow’s Christmas lunch offerings have received significant recognition and accolades from esteemed travel and food publications. This attests to the quality and dedication of the venues offering these festive meals.

Time Out Magazine featured several Glasgow restaurants in their 2023 edition, lauding their exceptional Christmas lunch menus. The selected venues were praised for their innovative dishes and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Time Out Magazine’s recommendations are a helpful resource for those looking to dine out during the holiday season in Glasgow.

In addition to Time Out Magazine’s endorsements, the Trip Advisor 2023 Traveller’s Choice Award honored a number of Glasgow establishments for their outstanding Christmas lunch experiences. These awards, voted upon by TripAdvisor users, confirm the quality, service, and atmosphere that have earned Glasgow’s Christmas lunches a sterling reputation.

To further enrich your Christmas lunch in Glasgow, be sure to take note of these awards and recommendations when deciding on a venue:

  • The prestigious Time Out Magazine’s featured restaurants
  • Trip Advisor 2023 Traveller’s Choice Award winners

Remember, these accolades and endorsements can assist in guiding your choices, ensuring a delightful and gratifying Christmas lunch experience in Glasgow.

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